Sell Your Jewelry

Regal Collection is always interested in buying your jewelry or diamonds.  Whether it is a name brand item, a luxury timepiece, or a diamond….Regal will offer one of the the highest pay outs. We buy all kinds of unwanted jewelry and have the experience and knowledge to evaluate even the rarest pieces as well as everyday diamond jewelry.  If you are interested in selling or possibly trading in, please call us @ 404-846-2525 and send us an email with your name, contact info., a description of your item, and any photos you have.  We usually get back to you immediately unless of course it is after hours then we will get back to you the following business day.

Large Diamonds

If you have a large diamond that you are looking to sell 2.00ct’s and up, please call us @ 404-846-2525.  We specialize in large diamonds and have a reputation in the business that many of our customers trust.  As always we will offer one of the the highest pay outs and educate you along the way so that hopefully your next diamond purchase will be with us!

Mack's Collection

Mack's Collection

View Mack's Collection full of custom designs that will inspire your own vision.

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